Comparisons of "tri-Ace Technical Demo Trailer 2011"
Physically-based Rendering version 0.1




In physics, metals basically do not have visible diffuse components. (Actually it has very few invisible diffuse components.) If a specular component for indirect illumination is not rendered with physically correct materials, these metals are rendered black. You can see some metallic objects are rendered black in the image on the left. Since in typical real-time rendering, indirect illumination or ambient lighting do not support specular components, artists tweak material parameters for metals to have diffuse components to avoid the problem. However, it is physically incorrect. The characteristic of metallic materials "directivity of reflectance" is not represented correctly with these wrong settings.

The image on the left has specular components only for direct illumination. (Only diffuse components for indirect illumination such as typical real-time rendering.) As you can see the image on the right and compare with the left image, you could recongnize how specular components are important even for indirect illumination.)


Other comparisons

No specular components for indirect illumination Specular components for indirect illumination



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